Setup IPTV on LG or Samsung SmartTV

Use on SMART TV: LG or Samsung
To take advantage of our services on your smart tv thank you to download and install the application SMART IPTV, Namely that this application is free the first week then becomes a fee for 5.65 € for a FULL activation.
go to here for active app:
This tutorial is made from a LG smart TV but the process is the same on a Samsung. 1. Install the application on your Smart TV Two options are available to you, either directly from the LG Store or the Samsung store, which is the simplest or via USB for some models. 1. Open your LG or Samsung blind 2. Search SMART IPTV 3. Start the download and installation 4. Start the Application We start the application and we arrive on the interface of smart iptv, here what interests us for the moment it is the address mac of the smart tv. 5. Insert iptv subscriptions (M3U) To inject your iptv subscriptions you will have to go here: 1. Go to the second method (Add external playlist links (URLs), with auto-update) 2. We enter the MAC address of your smart tv 3. Paste the link M3U (ask us) 4. We valid 5. If everything went smoothly, the message "success ..." appears with the number of channels. 6. If you want to reset your smart tv go on: Reset playlist type in your Mac and validate. 7. Restart the application so that the previous step is taken into account. And we arrive on the homepage with the list of channels.
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